Travis and Gracie are a super fun couple to be around. They are fashion forward, sophisticated, and handsome together. They complement each others personalities and they made each other laugh as I directed them in my own quirky way. We had so much fun going to the LA River, and the 6th Street Bridge. It was a sense of adventure walking through the tunnel that leads to the river. Racing cars and model shoots around us gave our shoot so much more meaning as Gracie and Travis tell the world that they love each other. We stopped and ate dinner at Cole's to end the shoot. French Dips for everyone. A happy fun day in LA. 

Colorful Desert Engagement

Justin and Siaira.

These two are energetic eccentric, and colorful people full of laughter and a love for life and God that is so visible in everything they do together. These two are perfect for each other. So weird, and quirky. They will laugh out of nowhere and they know exactly what the other is thinking or feeling. The only thing is... No one else does. You just have to laugh and play along so no one notices that you are out of the loop. I really enjoyed the 6+ hours of driving I got to spend with them just getting lost and buying mexican candy in the middle of the desert. I can't wait to see them get married!  Here are some of the photos from their session.

Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding


I was honored to find out last year that Trevor and Nicole wanted me to shoot their engagement. I was super excited cause they traveled all the way from Arizona, and I  finally met them when they got here to Orange County CA. 

I shot their Engagement, but they also wanted me to come to Arizona to shoot their wedding at the Beautiful Whispering Tree Ranch Venue. I was overwhelmed at the opportunity to go, let alone shoot their wedding. So, I saddled up the gear and a couple other great photographers and headed to AZ. 

We got to stay for 3 nights. We hung out for the rehearsal dinner, got to know the family and friends of both the Kirton and Amstutz families. We got some good coffee, and we even swung by to have dinner with another friend who lives out near Phoenix.

The trip was great. The wedding went awesome. The love can obviously be seen through the way these two look at each other. Every turn I saw the opportunity to shoot another great angle because the love enveloped their every movement. When I get excited at a shoot I tend to make noise and stop every few seconds to take another shot. I had that going on a lot at this wedding! I was blessed to be a part of the Amstutz Wedding and to honestly say they are now true friends.